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How We Work

Our services are focused on individual requirements, after an initial discussion with you, we could plan the best possible solution out there and work throughout the process with you to ensure your journey to Australia becomes a reality.

How We Work

We fully appreciate how important it is for you to choose the right migration agency to represent you. If you want to know the details regarding the migration procedure and how it’s done, Aupath guides you in all possible ways.

After thousands of applications we have perfected a careful step by step approach to understand clearly the needs of our clients. We deliver a high standard of service resulting in the best outcome for our clients.

The whole procedure is done in 5 steps which include:

Step 1: Having an Initial Discussion

At Aupath, we pave your way to Australia.

When you contact us, we will have a brief discussion about your circumstances and needs to confirm whether we are able to help you. In the event, we can help we will suggest a consultation with a confirmed consultation fee.

Consultations are conducted in person at our office, by phone, or by Zoom video conference.

A questionnaire will be sent to you prior to the consultation. The consultation will provide us with an in-depth sight of your circumstances. Based on the consultation we will be able to make an assessment and advise on available options for you. We will also let you know the likelihood of success and associated costs for your preferred option.

Step 2: Confirmation of appointment

Following the consultation should you wish to instruct us to handle your case we will send you our Letter of Agreement with business terms and the Appointment of Agent form. We offer a fixed fee service, so the costs of dealing with your case are clear from the outset. Our fees are realistic and reasonable.

Once formally appointed by you as your agent, you will be assigned a case consultant who will be working with you on your application and will be your point of contact throughout the process.

Step 3- Working For You

We fully appreciate how stressful the overwhelmingly complex nature of the Australia Migration systems can be. We aim to make the process as smooth and as stress-free as possible for all our clients.

Your assigned consultant will provide you with clear advice and assistance throughout the process of your case.

You are welcome to contact him/her at any time if you have a query about your case. We aim to respond to all calls and emails within 24 hours during the working days.

Step 4- Keeping You Informed

We understand that it is important for our clients to be kept informed of the progress of their cases. We will ensure that you are kept up to date with the progress of your case until the application is submitted. You will appreciate that we cannot control the actions of other parties to your case such as the Australia Home Affairs Office for example, and the time they may take to respond.

We appreciate that it may be frustrating to be ‘left in the dark’ for a prolonged period. We promise to make contact as soon as we have something to tell you. All information requests from the authorities as such are replied to with the utmost accuracy with the intention of seeing successful results.

Step 5- Your Success Is Our Success

Our satisfied clients are our best source of business. Most of our clients have been referred to us by previous happy and successful clients.

We believe strongly that our clients should always be treated fairly, with justice and with respect. We are fully committed to our clients and our aim is always to deliver the best for them.

What Our Clients Say

We work to get the best outcome for you.